Truth About Cellulite Review

Is Truth About Cellulite a SCAM?

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Truth About Cellulite Review

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Learn how to Get Rid of Cellulite through this book - Truth About Cellulite. The author, Joey Atlas, shares interesting tips on how to remove cellulite from the body permanently. He created an Anti-Cellulite Program especially for women. So if you’re sick and tired of carrying around cellulite, this is a good opportunity for you to be reading this review on Truth About Cellulite. Naturally you would want to get a gist of what this book contains before you spend some of your money on it.

The Author:
Joey Atlas has a Masters Degree in Exercise Psychology. He is also one of the physical fitness experts who has a gift in assisting middle aged women tackle the impacts of cellulite psychologically and teaches them how to Get Rid of Cellulite. He has been working with women for over twenty-three years and is known around the world.

The Naked Body Program:
The pages of Truth About Cellulite will speak of the Naked Body program. For some women it is hard to strip down and feel comfortable about their body, especially when cellulite seems to be covering large portions of it. You may remember seeing it, but then all of a sudden it just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. All of a sudden you may be shocked to see cellulite on the back of your thighs which causes you to stop wearing shorts and lowers your self-esteem. Many people think that the only people who struggle with cellulite problems are those who are overweight, but this is not necessarily true. The occurrence of cellulite can happen to anyone who is lacking strong or toned muscles. This program was designed to help teach women ways in how to target problem lower body areas specifically the hips, buns, thighs, and legs. The author claims that cellulite can be totally removed from the body in a matter of 28 days. A lot of people have put their confidence in the Naked Body Program.

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This Anti-Cellulite Program teaches that cellulite cannot be removed just by going to the spa to get some special cream rubbed on you. The problem lies deeper and needs more work than just a surface level; there are muscles lacking underneath the skin. To Get Rid of Cellulite, this book will teach you some moves that will help tone the muscles in this Truth About Cellulite.


In short, the book goes over three principles. These three principles are all you need to understand and apply; without these three principles, you might never wear your summer shorts again. They are are:

  1. Cellulite definition and reasons for having it. Muscle fibers are lacking in the lower parts of your body which is the main reasons that lotions and other cellulite reducing moisturizers or scrubs do not effectively work. We have heard the saying, “It’s skin deep”. In a sense, that saying can be applied to this first principle.

  2. How to make cellulite worse. As time goes by if there is no stimulation on those muscle fibers, cellulite will just continue to get worse. The author explains that muscle atrophy or the deterioration of muscle due to lack of work is the culprit in creating dimples and saggy areas in the body. His experience and expertise will engage readers looking to combat cellulite. Readers will find the information on what contributes to the formation of cellulite which prepares them for the next lesson on how to Get Rid of Cellulite.

  3. The only way to get rid of it. The only proven and effective method is through this Anti-Cellulite Program. They key to getting smooth skin and a beautiful healthy lower body is to apply Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation. Symulast is the other name given to it by the author. Symulast is also made up of three elements which are form, tempo, and sequence. As this is a multi-dimensional approach it can be easily done in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to go out to the gym and lift weights which Joey Atlas shares is more of a two-dimensional approach.
Every penny that you spend on this book may be well worth it. Truth About Cellulite and how to Get Rid of Cellulite is found in this Anti-Cellulite Program of Joey Atlas. Apart from well explained ideas and concepts, information, and tips in this book, there are other things one can expect to get from it:
  • An exercise guide which exactly targets the lower body. The author puts down the right body movements so that you don’t need to guess on how to do it or to do extra research. The exercise guide should be followed three times a week for you to see the results.
  • Detailed information, guide, and tips on precise form, tempos, and sequence can also be found in Truth About Cellulite. This is an important step so that muscles will continuously be put to work in order to push out the cellulite. Skin will even out and cellulite will disappear when muscles formed continue to grow and push against it.
  • There is an available weekly schedule which is easy to follow. Because of the author’s claim that in about a month’s time women will be able to see results, Joey Atlas provides an exercise schedule per week.

All over the country and world this book is making news thanks to the Anti-Cellulite Program. Many satisfied customers are happy with his techniques and found the book easy to follow. His expertise on the subject is what many customers are attracted to. You may have spent a fortune using topical ointments which did not have lasting effects. Here is an alternative solution. Truth About Cellulite might be the key to getting you back in your bikini. Truth About Cellulite is a worthwhile book purchase especially when you think about the lifetime opportunity you have to walk around with shorts, to swim in your favorite bikinis or swimsuit, and to have a gorgeous sexy body for a middle aged woman absolutely cellulite free!

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